I just want to know things and be sure he’s happy in love.

posted 17 hours ago on Aug 31

As I write and knowing you read — it’s like carving fragments of me on your skin. I wish they all stay where you can feel them the most. You don’t know I’m immensely terrified if you’ll never read a word from me. I don’t know who and I always feel I’ll never be; whom you’ll talk about beauty and hope. I can’t be the light after darkness. I’m always the dawn and in my heart I am. I wish you can talk about the darkness before the light.

I couldn’t be, I’ll never be the conversation in your head or the secret in your heart. And if I fade and wither in time I hope you’ll stay beautiful and enigmatic. Right now, in my utmost and truthful truths, I believe no one is like me towards you. I can go crazy by just watching you walking away — faster and faster, farther and farther, till I can’t see your ghost.

- This isn’t courage, it is deviance out of extravagant expressionism and emotionalism that I wish I could ignore.
posted 19 hours ago on Aug 31

She’s afraid of strangers — strangers who she know she can fall in love with, strangers upon first sight she know well.

posted 2 days ago on Aug 30

Do your pressed lips heard your beaming smile
Or do the calm weather in your heart create storms

I hope you’re not thinking that the rain is younger than the sea
Or that the sun and the moon will never collide without the sky

Imagine your hands kissing those papers in ink
Blissfully adorned with truths and faults

Love, it couldn’t die with ignorance
Patience is not my name but for you it’ll be my favorite song

These thunderous thoughts allowed me to give
My vulnerabilities in a one paper folded into three.

- When you read my letter do your coherent mind collapse? I badly want to give you a letter again.
posted 2 days ago on Aug 29

She was the light of November until the end of March

She fall and fall and fall in every one and a half hour

Day by day has gone till weeks and months

For her love was fed by a few walks and a few talks

Till now, till then — Love isn’t for her to know.

posted 4 days ago on Aug 27
And what do you intend to do?
-  Go back wiser.
posted 5 days ago on Aug 26
A rational idealist to everything except love.
posted 6 days ago on Aug 25
We’re all younger than summer when we lit a fire at day and we’re all younger than the rain when we let its shivery tears drips on our heads.
posted 6 days ago on Aug 25
I’m in doubt —
Dear poets and writers of the unknown
Are we alive?
Do our wisest thoughts crumple caused by
Lack of courage
Grant of ignorance
Belittling self
Where are the great poets?
Who are the writers who write?
They’re dying, they died.
- for poets and writers; death is their legacy.
posted 1 week ago on Aug 23

My heart is in a rush

I feel my blood

They’re warmest when I think of you.

posted 1 week ago on Aug 23