It felt like the world is slowing down whenever I see you. Then, till out of sight, it felt like I saw you less than a moment.

My heart will pound, my eyes will paused; until someone speaks. I will wonder forever if I won’t ask you why. Why it was possible? How odd that it happened?

posted 1 day ago on Jul 22

The night’s still young

I am cradled by lethargy

At dawn you appear

I woke up, I reminisce

Days my eyes can’t see

Years my mind can adhere

Contained in a dream

So dim yet so free 

posted 1 day ago on Jul 21

I want to go back 7 years ago. I want all the things that happened to me these past 7 years to be fully taken away by the future. But, I want my memories of you to remain. I want to know you while I am young. I wish I can have a contract with time.

"What if I knew you 7 years ago? Will I have enough time to chase your fast life? Will you also wish that you can go back?".


"I wish that you’ll see me soon. I wish everytime that you’ll see me greeting you with goodbye or greeting you with silence; I wish you’ll always be the one that I loved".

posted 3 days ago on Jul 20

It’s just alcohol and drugs. It won’t harm. For a long time they’re here; chasing medicine with liquor dreams.

"I want to stop my head from hurting. I’ve been enduring this for weeks and I’m tired of it. It won’t harm right?"

posted 6 days ago on Jul 17

I’ve been I don’t know why I exist. Same thoughts again and I’m trying to get over of the thought that reality is an illusion, time and death is inescapable. And also I am really tired of mood shifts.

posted 2 weeks ago on Jul 06

A new way to find your own meaning of life; to turn the table around, to trust a threat, to live with the alike, and be yourself truly. A set of freedom, come alive with firing hopes and thrilling sceneries. Whatever it may be. Be with the one alike.

posted 3 weeks ago on Jun 28

I am always here and you’ll never know. Whenever I see you I just want to walk behind you and tell you in soft speech; I like you and I know you won’t be the same. I will never be too young for a love that I keep for almost three years. I want you to know but I can’t say it now.

Please don’t love anyone else. I’m afraid that you will going to be with someone who will hurt you. I know how it hurts and I know you’re still hurting.

posted 4 weeks ago on Jun 25
The stars & the moon will always be above your head. Your heart & your love will always be on your knees.
posted 1 month ago on Jun 21

I loved you and I couldn’t love you more but I want to love you.

posted 1 month ago on Jun 15

I want to be alone then find new friends and have a new goal and also have a different outlook in life. I don’t want to be sad and negative and shitty about life. Please.

posted 1 month ago on Jun 13