I sat for an hour, I watched strangers, I asked myself the whole time, Is this the kind of world that we choose? I hear people talking so loud, I hear people gossiping, I asked myself, do they wonder if others who are around is listening to their mouths? Another story on the other side, silence is on the other side. They’re all different but contained in the same place. We’re the dusts of the universe. We’re here because it happens to be and to feel that we’re truly here we have to move our feet, open our mouths, and spill the news.
- When I’m alone at a coffee shop. We’re all looking for something more than talking.
posted 3 days ago on Jul 28

Ill-fated —

Does time seduce destiny to be doomed?

How can I fathom hope if it’s always marked by detaching strings and foolish hearts?

I am irrevocably in love with wishful thinking.

To perceive little things as connecting scenes —

I believed.


posted 3 days ago on Jul 28
The inconsiderable amount of actions I’ve done for you will never be equaled to the amount on how I thought about it. I carefully thought about how I will express my love that I forgot about time. I believe there are still remaining days for me to carefully think if I should act according to the depth and vastness of my feelings for you instead of ruminating to the point where time will ran out of breathe to lose.
- I’m sorry I don’t know how, a letter for you. For every different kind of love but the same name.
posted 4 days ago on Jul 27

There’s something in you that I can’t explain —

But it always feels like swirling galaxies playing with my mind.

It feels like stars are in your eyes, that the very idea of your presence is to dazzle mine.

It is the feeling between deep sleep and wakefulness.

I am completely adorned by wistfulness.

Yet, you’re simple grace upon my sight makes me thrilled.

Elated, up high.

The minutes to last, profess to grasp.

posted 4 days ago on Jul 27
posted 5 days ago on Jul 26

Whenever I see children/people with Down syndrome I can’t help smiling to them because I always see them as angels. I saw someone yesterday; he was with his father, I assume. He looks so curious and his face is so bright. I look at him with a big smile on my face. 

posted 5 days ago on Jul 25
Anonymous asked:
thanks for posting my works "disposable anting-anting" and "hit and run" from the philippines art fair. - noell el farol

you’re welcome! i like them :)

posted 1 week ago on Jul 24

I feel so deeply and deeply I get lost. That’s when I confuse a dream with reality. They make me feel that it will take forever to find the meaning of exchanging lives with every people I bumped into. I run wearing their shoes and chase whatever I see inside of them. I always find enigma, then I’ll found myself in a labyrinth. I know I must don’t care but I find people too quiet and too lonely, I find them too loud and too happy; there’s something wrong to have such intensity of feelings that can almost swallow your whole being.

 We’re all floating on this infinite ocean. How little do you know about that it’s deeper beneath? You’re dressing yourself too comfortably, your lips are too much void of incertitude. Don’t live like the others. We’ll find faults when sooner we die. 

posted 1 week ago on Jul 23

I want to take your heart

And cut it into little stars

I want your mind

To write down my love

I want all of you —

Happiness could be

Without doubts

And for nothing 

posted 1 week ago on Jul 23

It felt like the world is slowing down whenever I see you. Then, till out of sight, it felt like I saw you less than a moment.

My heart will pound, my eyes will paused; until someone speaks. I will wonder forever if I won’t ask you why. Why it was possible? How odd that it happened?

posted 1 week ago on Jul 22