This is for my sadness
This is for the emptiness
This is for people who know me
This is for people I thought who love me
I fucking hate you all
Some people want to live
And I want to die
How selfish I am?
I will never know
I want to run away from here
This is just a bad day
It’s going to be alright
What can I ask for?
Better tomorrow
I want to be kind to myself
I don’t know how
Please take me away from here
I’m getting mad again.

posted 1 day ago on Apr 19

This is about sadness. It has something between people who come and go. I am always in conflict with my own self about how bad and how good it is when people come and when people go. No matter what it feels, I will end up in the art of sadness and how empty it is to be someone like me.

posted 1 day ago on Apr 19

It happened like a dream
A short-lived memory
The brief encounter of
The rain and summer’s kiss

posted 1 day ago on Apr 18

I know I shouldn’t be bothered of talking again with someone who knows how I feel. It will not make things better if I will start again. I know how clear I was when I talked about my ups and downs, the things I hate and love, and how I over react on small things; you knew a few and that made me feel like I needed you when I know I shouldn’t need you. We never made a promise to each other but I know I broke one to myself — I shouldn’t have fallen in love. That’s it, I shouldn’t. Everything was fine until I found myself circling around your world. Reality is, I’m sorry I still look for you and it makes me feel like I am only hiding from what I feel. I hurt my pride for talking too much. I knew all along that I was a lost soul and it happens to be you’re lost too. Or I am wrong to think it that way? I shouldn’t be bothered by going back again. I might never look back.

posted 1 day ago on Apr 18
All great changes are preceded by chaos. Great changes requires conflicts. Changes makes us uncomfortable, therefore, we see changes as chaotic.
posted 1 day ago on Apr 18
Ignorance is ill-natured. Society needs more educated people who will react and speak out. If the society foster ignorant people it will be the most drastic and devastating society will ever be.
posted 1 day ago on Apr 18

“Are you wishing to be saved?”

“Nothing is left but to wish. If I couldn’t make it will I still believe in wishes?”

“You should, remember, nothing is left but to wish”. 

posted 3 days ago on Apr 16

People also get tired when things repeat and repeat. It feels like it’s meaningless to be in here when everything seems so predictable. Nothing new, but I know something has changed and I don’t like it. What should I do? Do I need to pretend that I don’t know what will happen next when I already know how this life goes on? It’s like every detail of our lives is changing but the big picture and the plot never changed.

posted 4 days ago on Apr 16

It happened so fast and as soon as I get started to wake up it didn’t last. It felt like a rushing dream that I can’t go on with.

posted 4 days ago on Apr 16

But do you know what’s worse? I’ve done courage but it’s never been enough. 

posted 4 days ago on Apr 15