posted 17 hours ago on Oct 20

// The princess and the estranged //

posted 18 hours ago on Oct 20
Terrible. I am terribly out of this world. Last night something inside me was rustling. In every minute or a few it goes on then it goes off. It clicks in my head, I couldn’t sleep. It was terrible; it felt like I was going to crack and shiver. Well, I thought I will, but I didn’t. Instead the dark caved in me, I was afraid that I will not fall asleep quickly after that. I comforted myself under my bed sheets. I was alone, and I always think that I will always be, then I told myself that I need to get used of having these kind of nights.

There were many nights, some were fatal. Every time the morning comes, I become more afraid.

posted 19 hours ago on Oct 20

Right now it’s you, at 1:35 am it’s you I am thinking of. Where are you? I kinda miss you.

I shouldn’t feel this, you’re so cruel and you made me feel so stupid. It will be a year soon. Tell me how can I forget and completely get over what happened?

I am stuck at your words; from don’t fall to

you left it undone, you never said a word and I always thought that it means go away not goodbye.


posted 1 day ago on Oct 19
But it’s a long time ago recklessly spent. It should be a vanishing echo running away from me.
posted 2 days ago on Oct 18

// Manila //

Painted by Federico Aguilar Alcuaz, a renowned National Artist and whose works are also known internationally. My love for Manila made this painting my most favorite of all.

posted 2 days ago on Oct 18

// by Jaspher Penuliar // I started adoring his works since 2013 //

posted 2 days ago on Oct 18

// Manila Art 2014 //

Few artworks that caught my attention. More artworks to post! & I got the chance to attend a small talk about art history and such. 

posted 2 days ago on Oct 18

Rekindling something nonexistent — buy a world map, pin it on the wall, and scrutinize it for the rest of your life. It is best described like that, rekindling something nonexistent.

Unable to know why it doesn’t give you the slightest idea of how it will feel like even if it can be remembered in detail. The mental anguish of making a fire without anything at hand; but where do these smokes came from?

- The deceitful conversations in your mind.
posted 3 days ago on Oct 17
Can you still remember me? Can you remember that I was there for you, that I was there to make you feel that you’re not alone? Along the lines of the day and night, the brief encounter; once, we were there.
- for y.h. , how are you? words still linger.
posted 3 days ago on Oct 17